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Reviews of Udatsu Sushi

(27 reviews)
  • Gol gis
    Posted on : 07/11/2024
    Great food. Great service. Very friendly staff. Amazing experience.
  • SK Leung
    Posted on : 07/10/2024
    Enjoy a lunch menu here. What a bargain! We had twelve sushi and one roll, all dishes were delicious. My favourite was the toro, simply dissolved once it was inside my mouth.
  • Emanuela
    Posted on : 06/28/2024
    Was wonderful!!! We will come back!!!! Thanks for everything! The staff was really really nice!!
  • SJ
    Posted on : 06/26/2024
    Was everything one could wish for, recommend it to everyone who wants to trial a Michelin star omakase.
  • Farshid
    Posted on : 06/25/2024
    Exceptional choice of sequence of flavours and textures. And the number of courses is high. You will certainly leave full. The room is very zen and the service impecable.
  • Yana Todorova
    Posted on : 06/13/2024
    Wow!! Today I was lucky to eat at 1-Michelin star ⭐️ restaurant Udatsu Sushi in Tokyo @michelinguide @udatsu.sushi The Omakase course means that the master chef will decide the menu and give you the highest quality daily local fish & seafood. Edomae traditional sushi transformed into evolutionary experience. We were offered only vegetables in season and carefully selected rice seasoned with 3 types of vinegars. It’s hard to explain the flavors! Even the pickle ginger and freshly grated wasabi tasted extraordinary 🥂🎊⭐️🇯🇵🥳 Our Omakase 15 courses menu: 1) Yasai Temaki (Veggie Roll - shredded cucumber and crispy nori) 2) Kohada (Gizzard Shad) - Japanese Herring - My favorite 🤩 3) Chicken Grunt (Isaki) - white fleshed fish 4) Octopus 🐙 (Tako) 5) Japanese Trout (Masu) 6) Yellowtail (Buri) - Japanese Amberjack 7) Sea Urchin (Uni) - with deep fried nori OR Gunkanmaki 8) Lean Tuna (Akami Zuke) - marinated in yuzu soy sauce. Nonfatty red tuna deliciousness. 9) Medium fatty tuna - Chutoro 10) Toru-taku - Chopped tuna with daikon radish. Toro is the chopped otoro (tuna belly). Taku is from takuan radish. 11) Beltfish - grilled Largehead Hairtail 12) Tiger Prawn (Kuruma Ebi) 13) Anago - saltwater sea eel 14) Miso soup - aged miso, sesame, sweet potato 🍠 15) Tamago - Japanese sweet egg (custard dessert) and Black tea ☕️ Bravo 👏 Impressive work! #udatsusushi #omakase #michelinstar #michelin #onemichelinstar #chefstable #uni #miso #kuruma #chutoro #otoro #bluefintuna #trout #tako #nigiri #chickengrunt #herring #tokyo #japan #omakasetokyo #bestrestaurants #hiddengems #michelinjapan #eatlocal #edomae #edo #japanesefood #realsushi #sushichef #fresheel
  • Alex
    Posted on : 06/04/2024
    Absolutely amazing! 3 weeks of carefully selected great restaurants but this was the best in every detail of every dish.
  • ML
    Posted on : 06/03/2024
    Hidden within residential area is a beautiful sushi restaurant - Udatsu Sushi! Service was impeccable, sushi is great tasting, and lunch set was priced well so there's nothing not to praise, really. Do book in advance to prevent disappointment!
  • Yogita
    Posted on : 06/02/2024
    Superb — an experience to remember! Variety of sushi and other was perfect. Intimate setting to watch the chefs.
  • Mike Tai
    Posted on : 05/14/2024
    Absolutely wonderful meal and our tastebuds were dancing throughout the meal. This is one of those experiences that we'll have on our minds for the rest of our lives and we'll definitely be recommending it to our friends whenever they're in Japan. Thank you Udatsu Sushi for such a memorable experience here in Japan!
  • samuel tomaino
    Posted on : 05/12/2024
    simply the best sushi i’ve ever had. the protege chef was attentive, detailed, and impressive. i’d recommend udatsu to anyone. great service from the support staff who provided some english explanations and a smooth drink pairing.
  • Sai
    Posted on : 05/03/2024
    The best meal I've had in a very long time. The attention to detail here can only be been with ingredient choice and combination, but also temperature and texture. This was mind blowing. My husband had Omakase 2 and i had the vegetarian course. Both courses were beautifully thought out. We were in a daze after the meal
  • Tokyo Traveler
    Posted on : 04/14/2024
    High end sushi is always amazing in Japan. But there are places that really take things up to excellence, a level where you simply can’t find the slightest fault. Udatsu Sushi is one of those rare gems. It is perfect. If you can get the reservation absolutely go. Prefer to others. It will be a great experience. Pro tip: Drink sake and set aside some time to enjoy the Meguro neighborhood after dinner. It has been an amazing cherry blossom this year. Thank you for the fantastic evening Chef Udatsu.
  • Baris Darga
    Posted on : 04/09/2024
    It was an amazing experience. Everything that we had was so delicious. Thank you.
  • Bridget Schreiber
    Posted on : 04/07/2024
    Absolutely incredible. What an amazing experience. A highlight of our trip to Japan!
  • David
    Posted on : 04/02/2024
    Excellent quality and service. Very friendly staff. Creative preparations.
  • Michael
    Posted on : 03/30/2024
    Incredible experience at Udatsu! Top notch service, atmosphere, and quality in servings! Only downside was photography from other guests.
  • theobaldo ayres
    Posted on : 03/03/2024
    Everything was perfect!!! Great Omakase experience!! The quality of the ingredients and and the ability is the professional were from another world!! The staff was super friendly and elevated the whole experience to another level!! Thanks guys for everything!!
  • Ishan Kaushal
    Posted on : 03/03/2024
    Amazing - a great experience that I’d recommend to anyone serious about tasting some of the best sushi in Japan
  • Michael W.
    Posted on : 02/28/2024
    My friend and I had the pleasure to be served by the master on the second floor. The master was very friendly, attentive and made the experience absolutely unforgettable. The food was amazing. I lost count of how many times I went to heaven and back, but I almost stayed in heaven with the uni on top of the deep fried seaweed and the tuna neck from the extra box. Master, I wish you success and I hope to see you next year.